How do I start a circle?

  • Go to and  click "Start or Join a Circle." 
  • Click on "Create a Team." 
  • You will be prompted to create an account. 
  • When you have entered the account info, your team page will pop up.
  • From here, on the top right, you will see "MANAGE", click it personalize your team page.
  • In "Overview" you can "Edit your story" and share with people why your team is unlearning to transform race, what inspires you, and why fundraising for Great Radical Race Read (GR3) matters. There is some text already there to get you started. Customize as you wish.
  • In "Donations" you can get it started by making the first donation to show your friends and family that you are raising funds.
  • In "Emails" you will see templates to "Recruit new teammates," "Ask for donations," and "Thank your donors."
  • In "Teammates" you can track who has the most donations or the most activity, for example.
  • In "Details" you can edit your "Team Picture," "Team Name," "Page Headline," "Goal." 

- Edit you Headline to include the book you and your team are reading through GR3.

- For your Team Picture, want to use images of one of the GR3 selected books? You can find these here to use. 

Enjoy forming your circle and start reading anytime!