What is the framework for reading the books? What is the RD5?

The themes of the GR3 READ-Ins follow the framework for Liberation - the (RD5):

WEEK 1: CONTEMPLATIVE APPROACH: Dropping into a contemplative approach calls us to set aside the relationship we have to the words being spoken and let their meaning slow down the field of feeling so we may resonate differently. Allow for the gap between intention and experience.

WEEK 2: EMBODIED PRACTICE: Embodiment practices for self-interruption of unskillful patterns to ground ourselves in centering and dropping into presence. Disruption outside begins within. When we are present, we become responsible, owning what is ours.

WEEK 3: LIBERATORY PATH: Liberatory path reflects what drives our work; who grounds our work; and how do we close the gap between priorities and what really matters.

WEEK 4: PROPHETIC PRAXIS: Prophets tell the time; they are naming what is current. But because we do not recognize it, it feels like they are predicting the future. Society holds onto what was. Through prophetic praxis, we connect to what actually is.

WEEK 5: COLLECTIVE PROCESS: None of this work is achieved alone. It is the collective process that creates spaces for collective transformation.