What other support and benefits do I receive from the Great Radical Race team?

Throughout the 5 week GR3 Summer Race Read, race readers will be supported within their reading circles, with guidebooks plus weekly READ-ins of the RD5 — Framework for Liberation —  that cumulatively offer learning equivalent to a full weekend of training, but is situated in embodied engagement.

Plus you'll be able to access simple shared practices, forums for questions, and virtual meeting space. Taken together, GR3 situates you in reclaiming connection, care and compassion as the means by which to transform race, while also calling you into meaningful action steps. 

Weekly READ-ins begin Wednesday, July 29th.  

GR3 will also provide each circle their own caucus (just like a fb group) on our independent network called the Liberated Life Network where circles can connect, post, and continue the conversation throughout the entire 5 week read.

As mentioned above, a virtual meeting space will also be available to circles. This meeting space is part of the Collective READeR Café – (Race Education Awareness & Disruption Resources) we are building as the first standing virtual and interactive space for engaging dialogues, media and conversations on race and (un)learning through the Radical Dharma lens that offers a framework for liberation. The Café is being built around the GR3 book stack and additional classics, and will grow from there.