Where do my donations go?

Funding The Future of Transforming Race:

GR3 also serves as fundraiser that makes this project and the most transformative vision of the Race Movement Project possible. Together, through GR3, we are funding the people and technology of the first-ever virtual space for an ongoing, collective process of engaging with and unlearning racism that permeates our society. Race is not only a social construct, it is an embodied one. So while there are many worthy online courses on race, there is nothing that engages us at the level of mind and body in community to disrupt the habits of race where it lives: in the body. Having supported truly transformative experiences in real life for well over a thousand people, the fierce urgency of this time calls for this work to go virtual and go to scale.

Why build a space for the future? Because it’s clear, because it’s vital… we need a movement not a moment. You and your team can raise $1, $1000 or $10,000 knowing you are contributing to making certain we never need to hear the words "I can't breathe" or bear witness to devastating violence to call us awake again. Transforming race in 12 1/2 years is both strikingly hopeful and outrageously overdue. We can, and we will, meet the challenge.

Each GR3 Circle team will raise money for the shared goal of:

1. Powering the technology and people that make GR3 possible.

2. Creating the Collective READER Café – (Race Education Awareness & Disruption Resources) the first standing virtual and interactive space for engaging dialogues, media and conversations on race and (un)learning through the Radical Dharma lens that offers a framework for liberation. The café is being built around the GR3 book stack and additional classics and will grow from there.

3. Funding converting and building online resources and training on racism and internalized racism based on the highly effective in-person Radical Dharma Race Space models to be more widely available and accessible regardless of income.

Transformative Change/Radical Dharma Race Movement Project (RDRMP) endeavors to be community-supported with relationship-based funding as a direct resistance to the racially-based bias that permeates the foundation-based funding world.

We haven’t sought a grant in more than 6 years, with all funding being program related income and foregoing and deferring of salaries. This leads to relationship-based contributions and donations by people that have been directly touched by the work of RDRMP making up the bulk of our funding.